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David Lockhart

David Lockhart

My name is David Lockhart, and I am running for IPMS/USA President for 2022.

For the past three years I’ve been the Director of Local Chapters (DLC) for IPMS/USA. My main responsibility has been to work with a team of Region Coordinators in helping chapters renew their charter every year. Unofficially I’m the “head cat herder”. There’s a lot to do as the DLC: getting a member’s updated renewal info, updating a chapter’s info on the website, working with chapters in getting their shows on the website and acquiring the necessary certificates of insurance (COI’s)

Over the years I’ve gotten to talk with many of the IPMS/USA members. That’s the best part of the job, getting to know fellow modelers. Once the paperwork is done, I always ask, “What are you currently working on at your bench?” Discussions can last for hours!! Sharing this great hobby with others is the best part of the job.

I have also been president of two IPMS chapters, IPSM Marietta Scale Modelers in Marietta, GA and IPMS Atlanta Scale Modelers in Atlanta, GA.

I have given seminars at the 2016 Nationals in Columbia, SC, 2017 Nationals in Omaha, and the 2018 Nationals in Phoenix. I was chair of the seminars for the 2019 Nationals in Chattanooga.

As president of IPMS/USA I would like to continue the communication between the national organization and all the chapters. We are looking forward to a full, open schedule in 2022 for chapter events. IPMS/USA is currently working on a new website which will make it easier for members to renew their membership, schedule events, etc. There is much we can all share to make our experiences even better. I will continue to practice the policy of ‘my door is always open’ and look forward to hearing from you so we can all make IPMS/USA even better.

Your support and vote would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Len Pilhofer

Len PilhoferWhile I am a recent member of the society, I am a life-long modeler with memories of gluing plastic together when I was as young as 6 years old. The biggest frustration as a young modeler was not having the resources to learn how to improve my techniques. Beyond just experimenting with what I had on-hand to improve my modeling, there was nowhere to turn. After a twenty-plus year career in the U.S. Air Force I settled down, quickly got back into scale modeling, and discovered IPMS/USA. When I attended a local show and a few of the chapter’s meetings I quickly realized what a fantastic resource this is for expanding my skills. I have a passion for learning new styles and techniques to improve my modelling as well as passing on what I have learned to others; be they seasoned experts or a beginning modeler. It is this desire that interested me in joining IPMS/USA as I see the society as a large classroom where modelers can learn from each other. This vision is motivating me to run for the office of President of this great society.

If elected, I will approach the office of President with a view of how to improve the learning environment of local meetings, shows, and the national convention. I want to ensure that when a member leaves an IPMS event they say to themselves that it was worth attending because they learned something new in the hobby. What can the national IPMS/USA organization do to help local clubs promote this learning environment? In addition, what can the organization do to improve the annual national convention to promote learning in scale modeling? I wish to pose these questions to the national executive board should I be elected as well as pose these questions to the membership at large. The executive board will take these recommendations, see what is feasible, and execute.

In addition to fostering a better learning environment my experience as a national convention chairman left me with many ideas of improving the process from bidding to planning and executing. There are many aspects of the national convention that can be streamlined and taken on by the national executive board. This will decrease the burden on local clubs and in-turn, hopefully increase the number of clubs willing to step forward to host a convention. There are many parts of the country that have not seen a convention in many years and some that have never hosted one at all. I, along with other members of the executive board, will take a deep look at what can be improved in this regard.

Thank you for your time and I humbly ask for your support in the upcoming IPMS/USA national elections.

1st Vice President

Phil Peterson

Phil Peterson

Hi, I am Phil Peterson, your current 1st Vice President. I am running for reelection to continue in this role for the next two years.

Last year was a trying year for all of us including the companies who make the kits, decals, aftermarket items and books we so love to review for you. While some companies were unable to supply the Corp with review items we did find other companies new to the Corp who were able to step up and keep the Reviewing team very busy.

I have been a member of the Reviewer Corps for many years and now have four years experience in an upper role, first as the Shipping Coordinator and now the 1st Vice President. I have managed to build several very strong relationships with the manufacturers and create some new ones. We also were able to increase the size of the Corp and thanks to them we have been adding lots of great reviews to our site.

Other IPMS experiences I have include judging on the National, Regional and local levels including being the Head Judge for CoMMiESFest. I have also held the President, Chapter Contact and Webmaster positions with IPMS/SLC.

I look forward to being reelected so that I can continue to build solid relationships with the companies we work with and add more companies to contribute. I will also look to keep the reviews coming from the Corps and continue to grow the number of reviewers.

I would appreciate your support.


2nd Vice President

TJ Misiolek

TJ MisiolekI am TJ Misiolek and I’d like your vote to remain serving as your IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President. I am currently working with Las Vegas to assist with this year’s IPMS/USA National Convention as well as working with Omaha and San Marcos on their future events. On an ongoing basis, I am soliciting bids and working with prospective bidders for future NatCons. I consider it an honor as well as a great responsibility to serve the Society in this capacity. The National Convention to be the highlight of the modeling year and do my best to assist each host chapter in making each one a successful event for our members.

I have been modeling since about the age of six, well over fifty years. I’ve been a member of Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter of IPMS in Columbus, OH since 1988 and a member of IPMS/USA since 1995. During that time I’ve served as Chapter President and Chapter Treasurer (my current post), as well as Region 4 Regional Coordinator and IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President. I’ve had the opportunity to serve on three National Conventions committees (1997, 2009 & 2015), serving as Convention Chairman twice, in 2009 and 2015.

I am married and have two grown children, as well as a small herd of cats. I’m a veteran and currently work for the Defense Department. I’m looking forward to retirement someday but for now I still find time to build a model or two in my spare time. I hope you will support me with your vote for IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President.

2nd Vice President

John Bonanni

John BonanniMy name is John Bonanni, and I am running for the position of IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President. The roles and responsibilities of this position are aligned with my professional skillset and personal desire to see the society grow. Outside of the hobby, I am a business development manager at Pittsburgh-based start-up that is focused on technology for autonomous aircraft. Prior to my current job, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an MBA and worked as an aerospace engineer for the US Air Force.

Like many members I grew up building models, but I also grew up in the society. Some of my earliest memories associated with the hobby are from attending club meetings and shows with my dad. I consider many society members not only friends, but family. Throughout my childhood, my dad and I would travel hours to local shows and make the annual pilgrimage to the IPMS/USA National Convention. The four-day event would act as Christmas capping off our modeling year and lay the foundation for the next. The first Nationals I attended was in 1994 and have only missed a handful since. I enjoy supporting the shows by giving seminars on armor modeling, and I recently earned my 10-year judging certificate. I also served on the planning committee as Seminar Coordinator supporting IPMS Alamo Squadron for the 2020, now 2023, National Convention. Lastly, I was fortunate enough to be a founding member of IPMS Wright Field Scale Modelers, and currently belong to IPMS Three Rivers.

I believe there is an opportunity to standardize and build upon the current process for bidding and hosting a National Convention. My first objective is to capture the knowledge and experience of past convention committees. Understanding the challenges and opportunities that surround a National Convention can serve as a launching point for standardizing a process that enables a seamless transition from year to year. My next objective is to create the standard process, which will provide chapters a clear guide to planning and executing a National Convention. Key components of the convention will become standardized while others will retain the local unique flare that attendees have come to love. This resource will evolve over time by capturing lessons learned and incorporating best practices gained by the most recent host.

Ultimately, I am running for the IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President position because I am passionate about the hobby, and I want to bring the National Convention to more members. The National Convention is the single most important four days for the society every year. The event connects old friends, fosters new friendships, and fuels love for the hobby.

I would be honored if you chose to vote for me.


James Corley

James CorleyI am James Corley and I am running for reelection to the office of IPMS Secretary. Many of you may know me as a vendor or an IPMS Judge, or even as Secretary for the two terms I previously served. I have been an active member of IPMS for almost 30 years now and have been the president of two local chapters and currently serve as the Coordinator for Region 3.

Born and raised in the Navy, I moved around a lot as a kid and finally ended up in the Oklahoma City area for high school I have a degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Tech in Marietta, GA. I owned AAA Hobby for over a decade and have had my own resin manufacturing business since 1995.

I feel that my widely varied background in many types of business have honed by leadership skills at the local level and my reelection will continue to allow me to be a valuable addition to the Society. I will continue to use the skills I have learned and the contacts I have made, both in and out of the hobby business, to further the goals of IPMS/USA and to expand our membership base and help lead the Society into our next half-century.


Rob Booth

Rob BoothMy name is Rob Booth. I recently retired as a Director of Preconstruction Services, capping a long career as a Project Manager and Estimator in the commercial construction industry. Like the process of building a scale model from a kit, my day job consisted of producing a unique, high-quality finished product from many differing components according to a set of illustrated instructions that were not always sufficient for that purpose. A key to success in those efforts was the ability to clearly communicate and document the process, like what is required of the IPMS/USA Secretary.

I have been an IPMS/USA member since 1994 when I joined Alamo Squadron, the San Antonio chapter. I remain an active chapter member and served as the chapter President in past years. My certification as a Qualified Nationals Judge was earned in 2013. I was nominated by Alamo Squadron for consideration as the first IPMS/USA Member of the Year in 2019, for which I am very humbly proud. I was awarded that distinction at the 2019 Convention in Chattanooga. I’m also a founding member and currently the President of IPMS-Tex Hill – the Texas Hill Country Scale Modelers. I actively participated in the preparation of two bid proposals to host the IPMS/USA National Convention, including the postponed 2020 “Come and Make It” Texas Nats, now re-scheduled for 2023. I serve as the Awards Coordinator and the Decal Coordinator and serve as a “behind the scenes Co-Chair” to assist Convention Chairman Len Pilhofer whenever and wherever necessary to pull off that event.

I, and others from that team decided to step up and campaign for positions on the IPMS-US E-board to try to improve the Nats Convention bidding and hosting process, and contribute to the betterment of the Society. I believe the Secretary has an important role to play in assembling and documenting that information with the rest of the E-Board to ensure continued success and improvement. Thank you for your consideration. I will act on and appreciate the confidence of your vote.


Sueanne Merrill

  • Sueanne MerrillBorn & raised on Anchorage, Alaska; moved to the Denver area 20+ years ago.
  • built my first model in 2005.
  • shortly thereafter joined the independent model club (later IPMS chapter) that my husband co-founded, the CoMMiES (Colorado Modeling Militia Enjoying Sci-Fi). am the treasurer of the club, currently co-chair of our annual model show (CoMMiESFest), and general cat-herder.
  • I’m the queen of unfinished models; paint scares the stuffings out of me, in spite of the fact that I’ve taught countless children how to use an airbrush, at countless make & takes.
  • I have a few tanks and aircraft in the stash, but mostly build spaceships and giant robots.
  • other interests include: reading (sci-fi/fantasy/mystery), sewing/quilting/costuming (former SCA member), baking/cooking (one of my degrees is in culinary arts)
  • Robb & I have been married over 30 years. our current fur babies are Ripley and Hix, nearly identical cats with wildly different personalities.

Director of Local Chapters

Jeff Neal

Jeff Neal

My name is Jeff Neal. I have been building models since I was six years old. I have 5 children and 3 grandsons. I am married to Cathy Deese Neal. I am a retired teacher and coach. I spent 30 years in my chosen profession. I attended The University of South Carolina. I am sixty five years years old.

I served as Regional Coordinator in the late eighties and then as National Juniors Coordinator. In the last year I have been RC of Region 12. I now desire the position of Director of Local Chapters. My vision for IPMS is to recruit more members especially juniors and build our membership base up.

I will be quite attentive to local chapters needs. Being retired gives me a great deal of time for this effort. I live in Greenville, South Carolina and I am only a phone call or an email away. I desire your confidence and your vote in being able to serve you. Thank you so much for your consideration and time.

Jeff Neal
RC R12

IPMS Historian/Publications Director

Ro Annis

Ro AnnisAs a member of the “Young Model Builders Club” I can still remember getting model kits in the mail. The Tucumcari is my next project (after I finish this Model T and Mig 27). I joined the Chicago Sprue Stretchers about 15 years ago and when our club treasurer became the IPMS treasurer, I volunteered to take over. Following that I became the Advertising Manager for the IPMS/USA Journal where I manage all the ads and events printed in the Journal. This also means sending out invoices to advertisers in a timely manner.

Last year I became the Historian and Publications Director when the position became vacant. In this role I respond to article requests from members and help to bring the IPMS/USA Journal to life every two months.

My background is essentially a creative one, I graduated with a Fine Arts degree, I currently work in the field of toy invention and design. I am fluent in both 2D and 3D design and have a pretty good understanding of what Chris Bucholtz and John Heck (along with a team of editors and reviewers) need to do to get the IPMS/USA Journal printed.

I hope to continue on as the Historian and Publications Director and work with both Chris and John in order to incorporate rolling changes into an already great magazine. Some of these have already been implemented. Currently I am focused on getting the message out to our members to share their projects in the magazine. We want to know what you are doing! In addition the merchandise page will get a makeover and we are starting to use FaceBook in a systematic way to promote the magazine. It is time to try some new things!

Recruitment/Retention Secretary

David Knights

David Knights

My name is David Knights, IPMS 17656, I joined IPMS/USA in 1982 or 83.

I am an attorney by profession and have served off and on as IPMS/USA's pro bono legal counsel.

I am married to a Southwest Airlines flight attendant and have two teenage daughters, both adopted from China.

I returned to modeling in 1982 while still in law school and have been modeling ever since. I have attended about 25 IPMS/USA nationals.

I am a supporter of IPMS/USA and a big believer in the importance of the national organization. I support and encourage membership in the national organization thru the podcast that I do, Plastic Model Mojo.

I would like to continue to encourage membership in the national organization.

David M. Knights