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John Noack

John NoakcHi, my name is John Noack and I am running for the office of President.  I've been on the Board for 25+ years now, having served as President, 1VP, Secretary, and DLC in prior administrations.

My goals are straightforward - continue to champion the efforts to grow IPMS individual and Chapter membership by challenging and supporting the IPMS/USA Officers and Staff, continuing to seek out up-and-coming National Members interested in Board roles, and helping to find ways to effectively foster the enjoyment and growth of the scale modeling hobby.

I'd appreciate your vote, but regardless of whether you vote for me or not, please make your voice heard during this election - it's your Society!


1st Vice President

Phil Peterson

Phil PetersonHi, I am Phil Peterson, and I am running for the position of 1st Vice President.  I have held numerous positions in local chapters but this is my first time running for a National position.

I have spent the last 15 months as the Reviewer Corps Shipping Coordinator, which as given me a chance to learn the manufacturers that we have been dealing with and build some interactions among them as well as with our the Reviewer Corp members.  On the National level, I am a Judge, and I also take pictures of the Conventions for the website.  On the Chapter level, I have been a Chapter Contact, Webmaster, President and Head Judge.

If elected, my goals include keeping a solid relationship with the manufacturers while continuing to add new ones to the fold.  I will also look to keep the reviews coming from the Corps and help grow the number of reviewers.

I would appreciate your support.

2nd Vice President

TJ Misiolek

MisiolekI am TJ Misiolek and I’d like your vote to remain serving as your IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President.  I have been working with Chattanooga and San Antonio to assist with the next two IPMS/USA National Conventions as well as soliciting bids and working with prospective bidders for future NatCons.  I consider it an honor as well as a great responsibility to serve the Society in this capacity.  The National Convention to be the highlight of the modeling year and do my best to assist each host chapter in making each one a successful event for our members.

I have been modeling since about the age of six, well over fifty years.  I’ve been a member of Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter of IPMS in Columbus, OH since 1988 and a member of IPMS/USA since 1995.  During that time I’ve served as Chapter President and Chapter Treasurer (my current post), as well as Region 4 Regional Coordinator and IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President.  I’ve had the opportunity to serve on three National Conventions committees (1997, 2009 & 2015), serving as Convention Chairman twice, in 2009 and 2015.

I am married and have two grown children, as well as three cats.  I’m a veteran and currently work for the Defense Department.  I’m looking forward to retirement but for now I still find time to build a model or two in my spare time.  I hope you will support me with your vote for IPMS/USA 2nd Vice President.


Dennis Tennant

Dennis TennantAs your current secretary, I’d like to respectfully ask for your vote to re-elect me to a fourth term on the executive board. I have been a volunteer with the IPMS/ USA since 2007 when I joined the Reviewer Corps and serving in this capacity is my way of giving back to a group that has given me so much over the years.

I’m responsible for putting together the monthly board updates as well as the minutes from our quarterly conference calls and sharing them with the membership. I also answer member questions and help our Office Manager handle the various member issues and requests that pop up from time to time. I helped set up and maintain a member-sourced hobby shop database to allow members to share info about their favorite hobby shops with each other on our website. Our ongoing goal is to grow it into a useful resource for our membership.

I currently reside in Wisconsin (go Badgers!) and am an active member of the R.I. Bong chapter in Milwaukee. I was a member of Tidewater IPMS and served on the 2014 IPMS/USA nationals team (Hampton) as contest co-chair and helped make that convention one of the most successful in club history. If elected to another term as secretary, I promise to continue to do my best to produce accurate, timely meeting reports and to be as accessible and helpful to our members as possible.

Director of Local Chapters

Dave Lockhart

Dave Lockhart

I am currently the Director of Local Chapters for IPMS/USA.  I am into my second year at this position.  My main job is to work with my regional coordinators in rechartering our over 220 chapters.  While at times I feel like I'm herding cats, the best part of this position is communicating with IPMS/USA chapters all over the country.  It's great to meet many at local and national shows.  In addition to being the DLC, I am currently sending out newsletters to many chapters. 

I am also the president of the IPMS Atlanta Scale Modelers and Atlanta Model Shipwrights.  While I thoroughly enjoy these duties, I always look forward to spending time on my workbench actually building models.  

I live 35 miles northeast of Atlanta. As my workbench is in my garage, the weather is getting warmer so it's much more pleasant to be in the outside.  

IPMS Historian/Publications Director

Jim Pearsall

Jim PearsallI have been a member of IPMS/USA for 50 years, since 1967. I have been active in local chapters for most of that time, with the Polish Coast Watchers in Peoria, IL and the Craig Hewitt Chapter in Phoenix, AZ.  

My latest big project is the “Memos” which came wrapped around the IPMS UK Magazines.  These were published from 1968 to 1973.  There isn’t a lot of color scheme information or kit reviews, but it’s interesting to read about Jim Sage’s visits to IPMS Chapters around the country, various chapters coming on line, and the “Wants and disposals” column (Really cheap stuff from 40+ years ago!)   I have finished the index, and I’m working with the IPMS web crew to make these available for download to all members.  Special thanks to Ralph Forehand, the original IPMS Historian for making the missing Memos available to me and you.

I have now gotten scans of all of the National Convention decals.

I have also begun keeping all of the IPMS Chapter newsletters so they won’t be lost.  My deep thanks to David Lockhart who collects newsletters and sends them to anyone who is interested, which includes me.

My other job in IPMS/USA is as a reviewer. I have reviewed over 400 kits, books, magazines and add-ons since 2005. I also help John Noack with uploading reviews to the IPMS web site.